Thank you for visiting Shout Speech & Language Therapy. We are here to serve, educate, and treat families of children with exceptional needs. We firmly believe in giving every child a voice. Helping every child communicate their thoughts, wants needs, and knowledge through private individual therapy and parent training. We are here to serve local children to develop the essential life skill of communicating.

Through IEP coaching we help our parents navigate special education services in the school setting. Whether you and your family are new to special education or a veteran, we are here to help you become an integral, active, and vocal member of your child’s special education team. Shout Speech & Language Therapy is here to ensure that your child and your family are heard.

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IEP Coaching

Let me help you become a confident, vocal and active member of you IEP team.

A child’s first and most important teachers are their parents and caregivers. Parents must take advantage of every available opportunity to learn throughout the home. Join our email list to get great ideas for everyday learning from birth to school age.

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Why SHOUT, because every new sound produced, words learned, milestone achieved or goal mastered deserves a Joyful Shout!

He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

JOB 8:21-22 NLT

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