Accent Modification

 Premiere Communication Services provides coaching and speech-language therapy services to individuals interested in increasing overall communication effectiveness for personal or career needs. 

We serve clients who are interested in self-improvement, increasing communication skills, speech intelligibility, confidence and marketability. Our typical clients are actively expanding their personal and career opportunities in politics, business and administration. It is important to note that accents and dialects are natural and specific to who our clients are. It connects them culturally, geographically, socially, ethnically, and linguistically. Differences and dialects in communication are not considered a disorder. 

Clients who seek our services have (a) reported negative communication experiences (b) reported negative impacts socially, personally, professionally and with educational advancement (c) felt  the need to increase their communication skills. (d) a desire to reduce regional or non-native accent and develop a “Standard American English” accent for various purposes. 

Whether you are interested in increasing your speech intelligibility or modifying an accent, SHOUT can help. The SHOUT team has extensive experience in the areas of phonetics, phonology, speech and language development and disorders. We present with the keen ability and knowledge to differentiate between communication disorders and differences when serving clients from various cultures and languages. 

SHOUT provides services to increase performance in: 

  • Accent Modification (regional and national)
  • Pronunciation Training
  • Oral Expression Skills (grammar, intonation tone, fluency)
  • Social Pragmatic (body language, gestures etc.)
  • Written Communication

Our role is to:

  • educate our clients regarding speech intelligibility and accent modification; 
  • conduct culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments; 
  • determine/differentiate between a disorder and dialect;
  • identifying communication impact on personal, social, and professional goals;
  • develop plans, provide pronunciation training, document progress and determine dismissal criteria