Pumpkin Time

I have to confess, watching my girls get older is negatively impacting me living my best life. So many of


October 2019

the things we used to do together, they no longer need my guidance and teaching to complete. I am happy they still ask that we keep some of our more “cool” traditions, even if deep down inside they feel that they have grown out of them. 


If you are blessed to spend time with little ones during the fall, whether it’s your own child, family member, patient or student there are so many wonderful activities with hidden moments for everyday learning to occur.

Autumn is a colorful season with so many natural changes that set up opportunities for natural learning to take place. So many different ways to enjoy fall from the weather, activities, holidays, clothing, food, school and football. One of our favorite annual activities is carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.  is a great activity filled with hidden moments for every day learning to occur?

Taking a trip to a pumpkin farm and see the canopy of leaves, hiding the pumpkins from the sun is a great way to start your fall. If a farm isn’t nearby a pumpkin patch has a great photo and learning opportunities.

Pumpkin Patch

  • compare pumpkins and their size, shape, color, and weight
  • Introduce gourds and the various pumpkin varieties.
  • Estimate pounds and the price (most pumpkin patches prices are based on an estimated size).
  • Talk about how pumpkins grow. A good preview is to read our watch a video about pumpkins and how they grow.
  • categorizing by size, shape variety

Pumpkins at Home


October 2013 

  • sequencing: carving pumpkins, baking, roasting seeds, pumpkin life
  • tasting pumpkin flavor in various food
  • discussing the origin of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns
  • describing pumpkins using 5 senses (inside and out)
  • estimating number of seeds and ribs (lines on pumpkins)
  • shapes (jack-o-lantern’s facial features)

Pumpkin Vocabulary

  • Canopy (pumpkins grow under a canopy of leaves)
  • pulp
  • circumference
  • carve
  • gourds
  • estimate
  • varieties
  • hallow


With every learning opportunity make sure you modify your language, vocabulary and length of activity based on your child’s age and ability level. I do believe it is always important to use real words and higher-level language when communicating with your child. When doing so, make sure you pair your vocabulary with simple explanations, helping both their comprehension and vocabulary. If you have younger children using Mr. Potato’s headpieces is a great way to make a jack-o-lantern filled with personality. Also, don’t forget your pumpkin books!

I hope you all take some time to enjoy the fall and the learning opportunities that come along with it. 008448FA-45D4-420F-9892-6F5ABBF3B607



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