Books, books and more books. There are a few things I believe children can never have too much of, sleep and books! If you have to buy something for your child buy books. If you can't afford to buy your child books take them to he library and borrow them. My experience both personally and professionally is that there isn't any other item that can positively affect speech, language and all academic areas other than a book.

Bed Time Reading

Most people think that being able to read is the ultimate sign of intelligence.  In reality the true signs of intelligence comes well before reading. The foundation for reading relies on the early literacy skills set from birth-5 years old (when most children begin reading). It is important for parents to begin introducing their children to … Continue reading Bed Time Reading

From Scratch

Part of everyday learning in the kitchen comes from cooking from scratch using real ingredients. Unfortunately, with the rise of processed foods and restaurants many children do not know where their food comes from or how it is made.