Enjoy Summer.

Original Post: July 9, 2011 We are approaching the second week in July and this is the time when I begin to realize that the end is near. So, far we haven’t completed all the things I had planned but we have had some fun and a lot of learning moments. We do “try” to … Continue reading Enjoy Summer.

Summer Fun not in the Sun.

Original Post: June 22, 2011 School is out and it’s official Summer is here. Now to figure out what to do with all this extra time with the kids.  I had to learn the hard way that if I don’t have a routine and plan in place my sweet angels will literally try to kill … Continue reading Summer Fun not in the Sun.

Growing Imaginations

Original Post: May 29, 2011 Had to take this picture! This is what happens when your kids don’t have a Wii, PSPs, DSs they are forced to use what they have. Don’t get me wrong, they have plenty of toys. Most of them do require them using their imaginations (i.e, tea cups, dress up clothes … Continue reading Growing Imaginations

Language Everywhere

Original Post: April 23, 2016 One of the best things you can do for your child is to color their world with language. It’s even better if it’s their language! In our house we have pictures and writings everywhere. It started out with just posting one really good photo I wasn’t ready to get rid … Continue reading Language Everywhere