Summer Fun not in the Sun.

IMG_0175Original Post: June 22, 2011

School is out and it’s official Summer is here. Now to figure out what to do with all this extra time with the kids.  I had to learn the hard way that if I don’t have a routine and plan in place my sweet angels will literally try to kill each other. For me to enjoy the summer off I usually send the girls to a day camp for about 2 weeks. This allows me to have a little time to get back to my workout routine, catch on appointments and calls I’ve put off and take some well deserved naps.  After the two weeks fly by it is usually us all day, every day until school starts again! I love my girls and truly would love to be a stay at home, but only if I had great routines and a good plan. This year I thought I would plan a little better.

It is important to note that our daily routines are not set in stone. We are very very flexible. I will drop all routines any day to take a walk along the beach collecting sea shells. I wish we could have more of those days. However, on the days when we aren’t strolling on the beach we our day usually include girls watching PBS in bed with me, breakfast, free time, TV off, academics (this usually take 1-2 weeks to break in), lunch, crafts, game boards, stories, clean, computer and baking. I do try to keep meals and academic time consistent everything else we feel it out.  We make sure to fill our day with just about anything to keep their little minds active. This year we’ve added a little extra swim lessons and tumbling camp. The girls are excited.

Remember every family is different. It’s up to you to decide what routines and activities will best suit your child throughout the Summer. Remember nothing should be set in stone (unless you paid for it).

Here are a couple of ideas and websites that maybe of some help.

  • 1/2 day – full day camps
  • community swimming pools (check for discount days)
  • Local library events
  • Day explorations (i.e., park, butterfly gardens, children’s museums)
  • Trip to the beach (pack a picnic)
  • Plant indoor herb garden (if you’re in FL)
  • Painting/Drawing a summer family portrait
  • Cooking (from scratch is always fun with often times surprising results)
  • Create crafts (good idea to plan for materials ahead of time)
  • Clean and organize rooms in preparation for fall (have kids go through toys also for donations)

Here are some really good websites with fun ideas.

The most important thing to do during the Summer is to  enjoy your time with your little ones and always leave room for an unexpected stroll on the beach. 


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